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Military Units and Institutions
Maritime Administration
Hydrographic Services and Institutions
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General Passage Planning Charts
495 Bałtyk. Zatoka Botnicka - część północna
496 Bałtyk. Zatoka Botnicka część północna
497 Bałtyk. Zatoka Fińska
498 Bałtyk - część środkowa
499 Bałtyk. Cieśniny Bałtyckie
500 Bałtyk - część południowa
1501 Morze Bałtyckie
Coastal Navigation Charts
113 Bałtyk. Kattegat. Samsø Bælt
127 Bałtyk. Wybrzeże Duńskie, Wielki Bełt
151 (INT 1291) Bałtyk. Od Rozewia do Taranu
152 (INT 1292) Bałtyk. Od Ustki do Rozewia
153 (INT 1293) Bałtyk. Od Niechorza do Darłowa
154 (INT 1294) Bałtyk. Od Arkony do Niechorza
155 Bałtyk. Falster_Ystad-Arkona
156 Bałtyk. Zatoka Meklemburska
157 Bałtyk zachodni. Zatoka Kilońska
251 (INT 1218) Bałtyk. Wybrzeże południowe - część wschodnia
252 (INT 1219) Bałtyk południowy. Wybrzeże polskie - część zachodnia
255 Bałtyk. Od Bornholmu do Ölandu
256 Bałtyk. Od Kłajpedy do Pawiłosty
257 Bałtyk. Zatoka Ryska
258 Bałtyk. Od Gotland do Saaremaa
259 Bałtyk. Od Kalmarsund do Gotska Sandön
260 Bałtyk. Podejście do Sztokholmu
261 Bałtyk. Podejście do Zatoki Fińskiej i Zatoki Botnickiej
262 Bałtyk. Zatoka Fińska – część zachodnia
263 Bałtyk. Zatoka Fińska – część wschodnia
269 Bałtyk. Kattegat
270 Skagerrak. Część wschodnia
311 Bałtyk. Część południowo - zachodnia
Approach Charts
39 Bałtyk. Zalew Kamieński
41 Bałtyk. Zatoka Gdańska. Zalew Wiślany
44 (INT 1289) Bałtyk. Zatoka Gdańska, Podejście do portów Gdańsk i Gdynia
45 Bałtyk południowo-wschodni. Zatoka Pucka
46 Bałtyk południowy. Zatoka Pomorska. Podejście do Świnoujścia
47 (INT 1297) Bałtyk południowy. Zalew Szczeciński - część północna.
48 (INT 1298) Bałtyk. Zalew Szczeciński- część południowa
53 Bałtyk. Wybrzeże Polskie - Łeba
54 Bałtyk. Wybrzeże Polskie - Ustka
55 Bałtyk. Wybrzeże Polskie.
Od Jarosławca do Ustki
56 (INT1340) Bałtyk południowy. Wybrzeże polskie. Podejście do portu Darłowo
57 Bałtyk. Wybrzeże Polskie - Kołobrzeg
63 Wybrzeże duńskie. Wielki Bełt – część południowa
64 Wybrzeże duńskie. Wielki Bełt – część północna
65 Bałtyk. Wybrzeże Duńskie, Od Vejle do Samsø
67 Wybrzeże duńskie. Smålandsfrarvandet
68 Bałtyk. Cieśnina Sund - część południowa
69 Bałtyk. Cieśnina Sund - część północna
71 Bałtyk. Zatoka Gdańska, część wschodnia
73 (INT 1288) Bałtyk. Zatoka Gdańska - część zachodnia
74 (INT 1295) Bałtyk południowy. Zatoka Pomorska
75 (INT 1296) Bałtyk. Zalew Szczeciński
81 Bałtyk. Mały Bełt
Pilot Charts
10 Bałtyk. Zalew Wiślany. Port Elbląg
11 Bałtyk południowo-wschodni. Zatoka Gdańska. Martwa Wisła i Wisła Śmiała
12(INT 1290) Bałtyk. Zatoka Gdańska
15 (INT 1299) Bałtyk południowy. Wybrzeże polskie. Plany portów Szczecin, Świnoujście
23 Bałtyk. Zatoka Gdańska. Przekop Wisły
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INT Series Chart  National Series Chart 
Atlases’ Sheets  txt info file 

The Hydrographic Office of the Polish Navy (HOPN) plays the statutory role of the National Hydrographic and Cartographic Service. It is an obligation of every state to establish and maintain such a service. This obligation has been expressed in many international documents and resolutions. In November 1998, the UN General Assembly adopted the Resolution A53/32,Oceans and the Law of the Sea, including an article that reads:

21. Invites States to cooperate In carrying out hydrographic surveys and nautical services for the purpose of ensuring safe navigation as well as to ensure the greatest uniformity in charts and nautical publications and to coordinate their activities so that hydrographic and nautical information is made avaible on a worldwide scale;

In one of its basic documents – International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea, SOLAS, which is also one of the oldest of international conventions, adopted for the first time in London in 1914 - the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has included several rules directly affecting member states and their hydrographic authorities.

The Chapter V, which is the most important in terms of cartography and nautical publications, comprises:

  • Rule 2, subparagraph 2, defining the terms of ‘Official navigational chart’ and ‘Official nautical publication’,
  • Rule 4 stipulating the necessity of maintaining the Navigational Warnings System,
  • Rule 9 defining obligations of the National Hydrographic Services,
  • Rule 19, subparagraph 2.1.4 stipulating the obligation to carry an appropriate set of charts and nautical publications by vessels. It has also been adopted that the Electronic Chart Display and Information System, ECDIS, downloaded with the official Electronic Navigational Charts, ENCs, can be recognized as complying with this Rule.

Fulfilling obligations stipulated in the above UN Resolutions, SOLAS Convention, and detailed guidelines drawn up by IMO, HOPN publishes, promulgates, and maintains its official charts and nautical publications the purpose of which is to enhance the safety of navigation.

In the Publications section, mariners may familiarize with paper charts, nautical publications, ENCs, Notices to Marines bulletin.

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An ‘INTERNATIONAL (INT) CHART’ is a chart which:
- is produced with limits and scale in conformity with an internationally agreed scheme of such charts
- carries the INT number of that sheet,
- conforms to the Chart Specifications of the IHO (S-4 Parts B and C),
- conforms to the Regulations of the IHO for International Charts (S-4 Part A).

The following charts are in the INT Series:
- General Passage Planning Charts/Overview Charts: 500 (INT 1021);
- Coastal Navigation Charts: 151 (INT 1291), 152 (INT 1292), 153 (INT 1293), 154 (INT 1294), 251 (INT 1218), 252 (INT 1219);
- Approach Charts: 47 (INT 1297), 48 (INT 1298), 44 (INT 1289), 73 (INT 1288), 74 (INT 1295), 75 (INT 1296);
- Pilot Charts: 12 (INT 1290), 15 (INT 1299)
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Publication 551 is another HOPN publication. Based on the IHO INT-1 (International Chart Series INT1 Symbols, Abbreviations, Terms used on Charts), Publication 551 contains symbols, abbreviations, and terms used on the Polish nautical charts.
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Publication IHO INT2 Chart Specifications of the IHO Borders, Graduations, Grids and Linear Scales illustrates patters of the above features along with particulars and scales related to them. Guidelines drawn up for cartographers by IHO are in English, French, and Spanish.

Miniaturę wykonano w oparciu o publikację INT-2
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Publication IHO INT3 has been released by the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) on behalf of IHO. It illustrates specimen charts compiled in compliance of the M4 and INT1.
Miniatury wykonane w oparciu o mapę UKHO nr 19000 i 19001 (01.09.2008)
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Small craft charts have been published since 2000 as a joint project of the Polish HOPN and German BSH. Published in three atlases, the charts have the following titles, indicating areas covered:
3020 Zatoka Pomorska i Zalew Szczeciński– 13 Sheets,
3021Od Zatoki Pomorskiej do Mierzei Helskiej – 12 Sheets,
3022Zatoka Gdańska i Zalew Wiślany – 18 Sheets.
Each of the A2-size Sheets (420*594mm) is based on a HOPN chart. New editions are published every 2 years. For overall list of the notices, visit the BSH website: http://www.bsh.de/en/Products/Charts/Small_craft_charts/index.jsp.
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List of Published Chartlets/Blocks/Patches.
Printing of Insets!
2009 - 2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017 - 2018

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Publishing Plan:
- 2008
- 2009
- 2010
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The IHO M4 (originally MP-004) REGULATIONS OF THE IHO FOR INTERNATIONAL (INT) CHARTS and CHART SPECIFICATIONS OF THE IHO is a standardizing publication. This more than 400-page publication contains detailed regulations and descriptions of symbols used on nautical charts, e.g. lines, colours, sizes, where the symbols should be used, etc., its purpose being to communicate all necessary information to mariners.
“Live” in character, the M4 is maintained by the Chart Standardization and Paper Chart Working Group (CSPCWG) working on current amendments, which are then voted for or against by IHO member states.
The M4 is divided into three basis parts:
Part A – Regulations of the IHO for International (INT) Charts
Part B – Chart Specifications of the IHO. Medium and Large-Scale National and International (INT) Charts (Scales larger than 1:2,000,000)
Part C - Chart Specifications of the IHO. Small-Scale International (INT) Charts (Scales 1:2,000,000 and smaller)
INT 1, INT 2 i INT 3As supplements to the INT 1, INT 2 and INT 3 publications stipulate regulations related to the M4’s Parts B and C. Symbols contained in the INT1 are used to demonstrate text information of the Part B.
This publication is available on the IHO website at: http://www.iho.int/iho_pubs/IHO_Download.htm
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National Series Charts, published by HOPN, also comply with the IHO Specifications for INT Charts. Since they have no INT numbers, the charts cannot be included in the International Series of Charts, but Hydrographic Offices are free to use their own symbols and abbreviations on them, not included in IHO’s S-4 and INT-1 Specifications.

Because of CSPCWG works, as of 2009, national charts should be bilingual, i.e. legends, explanatory notes, and abbreviations, used on the charts, should be translated into English and shown, e.g. as a Glossary.

The following charts are in the INT Series:
- General Passage Planning Charts/Overview Charts: 495, 496, 497, 498, 499 i 1501;
- Coastal Navigation Charts: 113, 127, 128, 155, 156, 157, 255, 256, 257, 258, 259, 260, 261, 262, 263, 269, 270 i 311;
- Approach Charts: 39, 41, 45, 46, 53, 54, 56, 57, 63, 64, 65, 67, 68, 69, 71 i 81;
- Pilot Charts: 10, 11 i 23.








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